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Snowmobiling safety needs to be at the forefront of everyones mind!!

5 - SAFETY RULES for Snowmobilers

Being safe is the difference between having a great time or not. 

Snowmobiling is a fun sport but care needs to be taken. Snowmobiles weigh on average about 500 to 600 pounds. They are a machines and need to be driven and handled with care.

#1. DON'T DRINK AND RIDE.  Most snowmobile accidents fatalities can be directly related to the use of alcohol.  All riders should not drink alcohol or use drugs before or while operating a snowmobile.

#2. RIDE TO THE RIGHT.  Just like when driving an automobile, you need to always stay to the right. Give opposing traffic their side of the trail.  This is especially critical on curves and turns but also applies to straight away's.

#3. RIDE AT A REASONABLE SPEED.  Excessive speed is one of the most common causes of snowmobile accidents.  Stay within a reasonable speed for the existing trail conditions.  Slow down and provide a measure of safety for everyone around you.

#4. RIDE DEFENSIVELY.  You can do everything right but still be involved in an accident because someone else was driving poorly. don't let the poor judgment of others injure you.  Expect the unexpected.

#5. USE HAND SIGNALS.  The standard hand signals have been designed to inform others of your intentions.  The noise of your engine and the engines of other snowmobiler often impair spoken communication, so use hand signals when on the trail.

In general, use COMMON SENSE on the trails!

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